Phuket News ++: November 2010

Where do I start?
November is the time when all the prices start to go up - well traditionally, I am getting more and more Thai everyday - sometimes not even needing my passport to get a Thai price... but i think that our lovely Jemma with a Thai hello and a Wai swings it!

Air Asia flies to Bali from December the 17th - just the time when I am too busy for anything but going to work 

Phuket taxis going to get a meter and call centre - heard this before...

Phuket land dispute stalls sea gypsy culture center project - not surprised

Glad that I wasn't at this restaurant to write a review for my blog and concierge - bizzare murder and suicide in Phuket Restaurant - solved!

Full tsunami evacuation drill on the 24th - Merry Christmas

Thai spouses applying for visas to join or marry British partners in the UK now have to pass an English language test that is unavailable in Phuket - I am glad that there is not one for Phuket!  Whoops - incorrect I am married to my wife... would that mean that you would not have to pass the test if you were married?

The Thai authorities have lost Thaksin - surprised - apparently Norway or the Lebanon?

Then i read on the forum - And people wonder why Thailand attracts so many 'undesirable' foriegners.If they can't even track down Taksin this sends a crystal clear message around that globe that the authorities are unable to find their own backsides with a map so any foreign fuguitive will be perfectly safe here. 

Additional 1,000 dead foetuses found at Temple in Bangkok - 
Now this story is disturbing for what it is and for why this happens

Then i read on the forum - Abortion (because I want one) is illegal in Thailand. But abortion (because I am threatening to harm myself if I have an unwanted baby) is legal in Thailand. It is legal for a woman to have an abortion in Thailand if the continuation of the pregnancy would harm the mother. 

Is this correct?
The situation is disturbing...

And then I read that they are building a Meditation Centre on top of the morgue site! So have they dealt with the issue which led to this situation existing?
NO - this is Thailand, turn the page and indicate that the issue has been dealt with, this may work for a number of issues but not this issue - the issue of legalizing abortions MUST be addressed.

And then I read on the forum - Surely the money would be better spent on education and free contraceptives. Overhauling the abortion laws also.
It's a bit obvious here that there is a problem and a spanking new meditation centre won't cure it. 

Nuff said.

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