Phuket News ++: October 2010

Halting the destruction of the very important mangrove swamps in Sapan Hin

Villagers turn up to complain about the building of the tunnel through Patong Hill - this really is a soap opera.

The Phuket Killer (as previously reported here) is somewhere in the UK but the saga continues.....

An accident late at night 'after clubbing' and the police 'opt out' of a breathalyser test? How can I do that if I am involved?

There is an expected sharp rise (100%) in visitors from India to Phuket - don't think I can conduct an Indian Wedding

Increase in bus accidents - caused by the drivers themselves - what do you expect after watching them drive?

A new building work needs 'flood prevention' - but this is why there are building law? But then there is more than one way to pass the law.

Drivers need a health check to get their Driving license - a new level of bureaucracy?
Well okay there is more paperwork (read money) but isn't it a good idea?
BUT I read that you can get one at a 7/11 - what is the real value - apart for money for somebody?

Phuket Town is justified in winning an award about their dramatic improvements.

A hotel in Bangkok refuses Blacks and Indians - pure racism - don't the hotel need the money?

A father's child is taken by his Thai wife who disappears in Thailand - and caught by an entry on facebook - looking for love.

British Embassy warns about the overstaying of your visa and here is more information.

A speed boat rides over a diver at Racha Yai (a divepoint) and dragged him for 300 metres and according to reports was angry and that the diver would pay for the damage.

Then I read that
"regulations prohibit a boat captain from driving at more than five knots within 300 metres of the shore"

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