Phuket Vegetarian Festival 2012 - Final Parade

I left Joshua and Amy celebrating on the beach at Cape Panwa Hotel and I walked to Jui Tui Shrine to see some of the preparations. The main street was like a traditional market with toys for sale but there was only Vegetarian Food for sale.

Jui Tui was busy with people with joss sticks praying, people putting firecrackers into 'cracker towers', a group of people reciting words and 'boys' tossing firecrackers at one another - fascinating.

I left Jui Tui and walked past the roundabout, through Amulet Alley and popping in at Siam Indigo (but I was not allowed any alcohol) - passed the On On Hotel where many people had set up tables and had the offerings ready for the Mah Song but it seemed that every 3rd person had some sort of fireworks - in a bag. I remember the road being quite busy.

I reached the Clock Tower Circle - which looked resplendent with a Chinese Dragon around it and the noise was suddenly enormous. The number of fireworks being thrown was doubled and the Metropole Hotel was letting off the more traditional fireworks.

After watching a number of people 'playing' in front of the Metropole Hotel my interest was suddenly shifted to the other side - in front of Mee Ton Poe restaurant. At this point my heart began to race - the Mah Song were here with their sedans. Wonderful. 

The chaos was actually quite mild but my adrenaline was pumping now - I let the parade past and made my way to my friends at Clinic Kong, next to Bang Neow Shrine. In approximately 15 minutes the parade was back and was making it's way past.

The camera was out and shots were taken but at this point I had no idea of what settings I was using. I was loving it - pandemonium.

At this point I decided to try to run along with the sedans and hold my camera up on a stick whilst shooting backwards...

As I approached Sapan Hin I set myself up at the circle and waited for the procession to walk past me - the adrenalin was seriously pumping - Bang / Ouch - trod in something wet and hot...

As I walked away I realised that it was my foot itself that was hurting, since I had a burn already on one foot I assumed it would go away - it didn't. I decided to return a little way to have a look (got an App for the iPhone but not now) in some light. I got some water and a wet cleansing cloth - my foot and trouser was soaked in blood.

At this point a young man approached me and indicated that he was with the ambulance and would help - I left with him to the ambulance. Wow there were two serious cuts - Phuket International Hospital beckoned. The ambulance drove quickly and noisily through the streets.

Phuket International Hospital were wonderful - thank you.
I returned home stinking of smoke and limping.
Same time next year!

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