A two day trip to Laos for a new Visa

Sometimes you do things which you do not fully comprehend - this was one of those trips - although not one of those days which you wish you had never done - a trip to Laos for a new Visa.

We were unable to book a room at the hotel because my Visa card had run out and we ran out of time on the aeroplane. However after landing we moved swiftly to the Immigration Department - where we found out that as an 'Alien' I needed a Visa. Changed queues and now in the right one...

Into a taxi - which we were told had that we had to share - because it was a Public Holiday... Then we got to the hotel - which was now full - so we had walk in the dark - happy Jemma was not with us and there were no open sewers...

Found a hotel with a restaurant across the road - a very good choice - some strange furniture, the water was not hot 

but the wiring needed a little bit of attention...

The food was great at the restaurant - my wife loved her enormous liver pieces - I love the banana flower salad.

The next day was an early start to the embassy - they were very helpful outside - think they should be selling coffees though...

First part done we escaped for a few temples 

a garden


a monument in the middle of a roundabout,

surrounded by places to have you photo printed

but a fascinating place, I believe you can go up?

more temples, lunch. Got back and the paperwork was completed. 

Just as an aside - was happy to have my App xe currency  as the numbers for the currency were bigger than what I am used to - more App reviews.

Seems as though they have a problem in Laos as well  - do they mean the sink?

Not much time to go so we went to the airport - and waited - nearly bought a book but think that I have read this one...

Not sure when we will come back here though.

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