Roads and Lanes in Bangkok

I still find Bangkok and interesting and fascinating place to wander - I was working in the centre of Bangkok and I walked from the office to the Bangkok Doll Museum.

There was an assortment of small lanes and the park was a lovely spot.

The lanes were very busy with small cars and bicycles - every so often there was a lorry which made the road blocked!

But there was always something to buy nearby.

Trees were not removed but became part of the building - I found a coffee shop with a tree in it here but as I write this I have forgotten it's name...

And adjacent to this was where small Wats were discarded - still wandering how long they will stay here...

And on the top of some buildings were others.

Then there were small Chinese Shrines which had offerings in them.

Sometimes I wonder how many people actually visit some of the shops but they always seem to be organised...

Bangkok is certainly somewhere to wander without a Guidebook (if you have the time of the patience).

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