Por Tor comes to Phuket Town

I have posted on my personal blog and the company’s blog regarding the Por Tor Festival in Phuket Town.

I started the festival with photographs taken for my work permit – always choosing Klinc Kong in Phuket Town AND they know the right size.

Then I visited the places where they make the turtle cakes and put on the intricate writings – my daughter thought that they were beautiful.

This year was different - I went with my friend Jamie from Phuket  (always a pleasure, nice camera too) and met Chaya from Phuket Heritage Trails – visit both sites and learn more about Phuket.

Then it was time for a cocktail at Siam Indigo – gin and tonic was perfect but I did steal it from one of our group – sorry.

We had our cocktail and Chaya told us about the history of the event and then entered the fray – noise, wonderful, busy and full of fun – Phuket at it’s best.