Laemthong Seafood - Hong Kong - Shark Fin!!!!!

After my elation that the Chinese Restaurant in Phuket Town - opposite Anna's - was closing I was disgusted to see that it is being refurnished.

It is now finished - note that the Shark Fin is no longer on the top - 
I wonder whether it is still on the menu however?

Then as I wandered through Phuket Town I was further shocked to read that Laemthong  Seafood - opposite Ocean in Phuket Town sells Shark Fin soup.

First Class Shark Fin in Gravy Sauce   s.700 Bht  m.3,500 Bht  l.7,000 Bht
Shark Fin Soup    s.380 Bht  m.1,800 Bht  l.2,800 Bht
Stir Fried Dry Shark Fin     s.380 Bht  m.950 Bht  l.1,800 Bht

This is WRONG...