Phuket News July 2012

on our trip to Koh Yao Noi
So what has been happening - we were in Australia for a couple of weeks of this month so I am sorry that I may have missed on some issues.

Another accident @Heroines Monument.
Another accident nr. footbridge on Thepkrasattri Rd
Another accident @Mai Koh- motorbike x3 plus no helmets

British Ambassador says Safety First when travelling

Will there be a change in the airport for the Domestic Airline in Bangkok?

Someone dies in the surf in Patong 
- it was dark so i suppose you could not see the red flag?

3 slow lorises found at the airport - carriers fined...

Blogged enough about red flags and the sea - how about blue flags and Phuket restaurants?

Again a whitewater death in Phang-Nga...
and it they were recently wed...

NASA cancel their climate studies in Thailand, because
1) they gave up - who understands the climate?
2) the staff went missing?

Indonesians stole 2 million baht!!!!!!!!
from a policeman on his motorbike....

Then a Phuket Prison officer was robbed of 3 million baht!!!!!
no wonder people want to be policemen...

Land encroachment - 28 of 29 rai
but the developer says that he has the correct deeds

Who would win?
Foreign Mafia vs. Local Mafia...

Hurrah :-)
Australian Ambassador to Thailand James Wise today called for police to launch an island-wide crackdown on weapons, including those carried by tuk-tuk drivers.
and tuk-tuk drivers

Phuket tries to increase tourism - how many tourists does this attract?

Phuket Airport director hails anti-cheat measures a success
I am still waiting to see the changes...
no illegal taxi drivers
no running the gauntlet

Ex-priminister @ Simon Caberet to see where tourism went wrong
I thought Simon's was making money?

Unable to find the Foreign Tour guides....
where are they looking?

Foreign person passes counterfeit notes
be careful of the tourist then?

Big Buddha constructions are okay - will not be pulled down
this property has the potential to be beautiful BUT...

Simon Star Cabaret - Ukraine dancers
these women looked good who did their op?

No sale of alcohol in Patong because of election costs 5 million a night
They must make a lot of money in Patong - is this only alcohol?

Patong 'safety zones'?
and outside these areas?
do all police have iPhones and images streamed?
Phuket people are pessimistic about 'safety zones'.
Are you surprised?

Counterfeit luggage seized at the airport 
empty and nobody picked up the empty suitcases?

British tourist, 47, drowns at Patong Beach

PHUKET: An English tourist who ignored warnings by lifeguards at Patong Beach yesterday became the latest monsoon-season drowning victim in Phuket....

Click here (or on the link below) for the full story:
but this link no longer works?

Human, Foot and Mouth disease in Phuket
a death registered this scared me

Hope that this does make an impact - thanks John Gray.

Lee Aldhouse's extradition is on hold

B600K Medical bill after road accident
but the insurance says NO PAY...

Safety measures for foreign visitors to be stepped up
where to start?