Spirit Houses in Bangkok

Spirit Houses have always been a particular piece of Thailand that I have enjoyed seeing scattered everywhere - with a focus on placing under Bodhi Trees. I enjoyed spotting Sprit Houses when I lived in Phuket. 

There was an enormous Spirit House by the side of the road near where I work in Bangkok - but then it was not there the next day.  

It was a very public spot but it was clear that some people took care of it and new additions were made on a regular occasion.

I only hope that it has been taken to a Spirit House Graveyard or has a new home? There is a wonderful piece written by Marisa

You can find spirit house graveyards all over the Thailand. They pile up near railroad tracks, in Buddhist temples, on windy roads and in the middle of busy intersections -- always under a large tree, especially Bodhi trees. Thais believe that different species of trees have different spirits. The Bodhi tree (Ficus religiosa) is the tree the Buddha chose to sit under when he became enlightened and is considered to have an angel spirit inside called a thewaada. These powerful angels are believed to console and contain the displaced souls that gather around abandoned spirit houses.
(text is from Spirit House Connection)

They started to build on the land - but the area was preserved - then it was gone - a shame but maybe it has gone somewhere? 

I understand that there is a specific way to 'move / dispose' of a Spirit House - but this isn't true?

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