Traveling by canal in Bangkok

After all this time traveling to work on the canal I think that this may be the first time I have stood and read this sign?

1) Please follow any instructions provided by Marine Department's staff stationed at the piers -
and if you don't know the language?
2) Avoid traveling by boat when carrying too much stuff
3) When getting on the boat look for the life-savingappliances first - 
and if you can't find it?
4) Do not wait on the pontoon, you may lose your balance as it is hit by waves.
5) Crowded passengers on the pier may cause an accident
6) Get on/off the boat one by one at a time to avoid the accident.
7) Take care of your children while on board at all times.
8) Always check that safety and life-saving appliances are in good condition and ready for use - 
how do you do that?
9) Do not pass in front of another boat in a short range. Stay away at a distance of 200 meters according to law - 
but the river taxi can?
10) Boats and piers must be equipped with a complete set of safety and life-saving appliances at all times -
oh yes there are some...
11) Marine Department is always pleased to give advice and provide information to boatmen, passengers and the general public.

I imagine that it's all okay then...


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