The Winter Festival

The first thing to notice is that the sides of the road are decorated with things to go and look at - later I did and then then the Royal Barge is raised and decorated all over - really quite special - wow.

There were so many people and the majority were dressed in clothes from the heritage of King Rama V - these were the guards of the same era. These gentlemen were under quite a lot of demand to be photographed with!
Then came the statue of King Rama V on horseback where there were people regularly paying respects.

I liked the yellow marigolds best.

Then more flowers and a fountain - very photogenic spot for people.

But the last (but not least) were a row of smaller fountains leading to the Palace – all really quite special. Walking back to the front I tried a Facebook Live - which was a bit haphazard so I tried editing it a little here it is - 

There are also small places along either side which you can visit to experience the culture change - do you know the car? The bank is still here in Thailand.

There are exhibitions in honour of King Rama V (he is on horseback) and King Bhumibol Adulyadej and money will be donated from this to charitable projects helping troubled citizens in Thailand. The cultural performances and an outdoor cinema but not on when I visited.

Admission is free but please take identity, dress with respect and you are encouraged to wear traditional attire, especially that worn during the reign of Rama V.

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