A trip to Pattaya

Picked up after school on a Friday and we were swiftly off to Pattaya. The roads were not busy but there was one car with it's motor on fire.

Then the one with a flat tyre which was still driving.

This truck looked like it was carrying a lot but I imagine that the boxes were empty?

Not sure what this temple was in the distance but it looked impressive.

The we were off to find a hotel and we looked at some enormous buildings with absolutely no character and many of them were closed...

On the recommendation of a friend we chose to stay at Navana Nature Escape and it was a small place and it was kept in very good order with an impressive character - we would certainly stay there again. 

The mirror made the room look big!

However the dinner was not very good and the Triple Mushroom soup was diluted - terrible. But the beach was lovely. We then went to Terminal 21 for a shopping trip - brought back a bath bomb for Jemma.

We had a late breakfast - which was superb!!

And then we went off to visit the Sanctuary of Truth, somewhere I had always wanted to visit - it was deserted and we decided we just wanted to have a look and not watch a show - and the cost was 500 Baht each - we left.

Noticing that we were not allowed to take a photo of the horses which you could have a ride on - would have thought they would be grateful of some money - there were two people waiting?

So back on to the road, with the usual flower garlands for sale

and today there were doughnuts as well, don't think that I have seen this before?

Then there were the motorbikes giving people a lift.

We tried to visit Khao Laem Pu Chao View Point but because I was a foreigner and there was military bases I was not allowed to get there to have a look.

Then we spotted a Wat Nong Chap Tao from the road - วัดหนองจับเต่า - with an enormous turtle in front. Certainly worth visiting if it is convenient.

BUT there was a lot of it which was not built - the inside of the temple was not finished for example.

Back on the road - this vehicle was leaning a lot - because it had had an accident and was being pulled.

We found a local restaurant with very good fresh Som Tam - เจ๊ระ ข้าวแกง-ก๋วยเตี๋ยวไข่กะลาNext time we will go to Cartoon Network Amazone.

Here's some advice for the Coronavirus.

This vehicle had enormous wheels - so it's mud guard was also enormous!

And for dinner it was Japanese at Sushi and Bar in Sammakorn.

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