Phuket News: Oct 10 - 16

The Phuket Gazette is always an entertaining read and I am glad that that the Phuket Regional Blood Center is launching a fresh donation drive - apparently in time for the Vegetarian Festival.

I will be visiting the Festival with some of the guests so watch this space for a plethora of photographs and videos.

My thoughts are turning to Education at the moment - and imagine my horror when I read about a Social Studies Teacher at a school giving a pupil a kicking because of an argument they had whilst they were playing football!

I am getting old though - there was a party on Karon Beach for two nights - a RoyFest.....

Then I read that Bryan Robson - THE BRYAN ROBSON is coming to Thailand and he will be managing their National Team........ with Peter Reid being here previously I wonder if it is the right move....... BUT as long as they visit Phuket it doesn't matter - and if he manages to bring Manchester United then it matters even less.....

Watch this space - or watch Sepp Blatter visit Phuket

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