What length of skirt should Pavinee wear?

Vote in the margin.


  1. Please tell Pavinee there is absolutely nothing wrong with the length of her skirt. I wish i had legs like that. Neil also said that she should leave the length as it is.
    Wendy and Neil Ward-Turrington

  2. Thank you for your comments - keep them coming

  3. Chris & Shirley Kenyon UKNovember 12, 2009 at 7:05 AM

    In the interests of Health & Safety and the prevailing climate of Phuket, not to mention the natural beauty of the female staff which compliments the lovely surroundings of Cape Panwa, Pavinee and all of the female staff should be allowed the option of wearing a skirt length of their choice. This is 2009 a modern era, let sanity prevail !!


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