Phuket News ++: August 2010

2 new companies are allowed to operate 30 limousines at the airport - they have to use a meter and are not allowed to charge more than 100 Baht 'start up fee'. This comment made me smile

"we also want the taxis that operate around the rest of the island and beach areas to use a meter system"

"it is still unclear when it will become mandatory for the rest of the island's taxis to use meters 
BUT the 'start up fee' is agreed at 20 Baht"

A cock fighting ring was uncovered and participants arrested.  BUT I then read that Cockfighting is permitted under the Gambling Act of 1935...... why were they arrested?

A seminar in focusing on Phuket Town's Sino-Portuguese heritage plans to develop a historical trail around Phuket Town - a "living museum". I look forward to this one.

Been told that I really should go and support the local football team - as they won their last match 4-1.

Then I read that a pregnant girl is forbidden to go to high school to continue their studies.

A girl who fakes a suicide for sympathetic cash is a bold and creative commentary? (letters page in the Phuket Gazette) - i do not understand that one.

Phuket decide to do a survey of all the foreigners in Phuket - but don't the airport have all that data somewhere? I am not looking forward to Absolute Holidays contacting me!!!!!

A con artist gets 200,000 baht from a tourist's ATM card - Ouch. Then another scam for hard cash - the phone line to confirm the transfer was engaged because the con-artist was speaking to them.......

A Molotov cocktail is thrown into a guesthouse because the former guest had argued with the management - guess I should be more careful next time........

Sea Cows mysteriously perish.......

Cheap motorbikes for sale - starting price 500 Baht.

A village destroyed because the land was not theirs 
- but the paperwork was not conclusive..........

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