Phuket News ++: December 2010

Christmas morning with my lovely family
How much is deemed illegal in Phuket and nothing is done about it - because of; culture, low earnings, should have thought...

I have found the mug that I would like to have on my coffee table.

The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) office in Bangkok has confirmed that its “spot a drug lord souvenirs" will not be available in Phuket until the new year.

The souvenir items, a collection of coffee mugs, pens and T-shirts bearing images of some of the DEA’s “most wanted” drug traffickers, were initially intended to be distributed this week

Oil Exploration off the coast of Phuket - I wonder if the environmental dangers have been discussed by the Government or only who's going to get all the contracts?  
See here for a discussion on the web.

Spirit Lanterns are deemed dangerous - I wondered when this point would be made - but to make them illegal would be a shame -(Health and Safety in Thailand??). Then again I was not surprised when the accelerant is not allowed on-board an aeroplane - but the owner questions the airline's actions...

I read that Thai ladies must take a 'UK spousal' English testI do hope that i do not have to take a Thai test - maybe this should be adopted in the UK?

There was a accident in the rain on the Jet Skis - 2 newly weds from China were killed.  I do not think that it is a good idea to go on the Jet Skis, do you think that the owner will claim damages?

I sometimes wonder why I do not drive a car and feel guilty BUT then I read this - a death on a black-spot outside Promphan supermarket on Chao Fa West Road - we shop there sometimes and thought that it was dangerous in a car!

Phuket Divers to clean up Patong (go for it - not just the water - i thought) Bay.

Tsunami buoys arrive - I feel safer already, and the test on 24th?

'Much progress' (Phuket Governor) has been made regarding the tuk tuk / taxi fares.

Fascinating - Thai companies complaining that they are being pirated by other companies copying Thai branded.  Has anyone of them been to Patong or is everything there made in China and the people in Thailand are simply selling it?

Wikileaks include Thailand - the Russians were attempting to bribe a witness
A cable sent in August 2009, soon after a Thai court refused a US extradition request, said there had been "significant indications that the Russians were trying to use bribes to influence the outcome of the case".

Returning to our friends from Russia I read that a Russian man kills an Intruder in his hotel room (5 star).  The killed man was a hotel security guard - watch this space

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