108 Year Anniversary of Bang Neow Shrine

We stopped adjacent to a shopping mall called Robinsons in Phuket Town and Chuen told me that there was a shortcut to the other side of Phuket Town through the back of Bang Neow Shrine.

On emerging from the back I was pleasantly surprised by the plethora of flags (normally kept for the Vegetarian Festival) around the Shrine on walking in I was then shocked by the amount of people!

It was an Anniversary date for Bang Neow Shrine - there were two sets of classical dancers, one was dressed in standard dress and the other in a specific costume and a number of men organising other things.

I stayed to watch the two types beautiful dancing and the colours were simply beautiful.

During the dancing there were a number of men (dressed all in white) who then brought out freshly cooked food.

Wonderful and I was very lucky to see it.