Butterfly Release - 6th year

A favourite place of my daughter's is Phuket Butterfly Garden and Insect World - we love to visit.

There is an event each year which is really special and it is the Butterfly release - this year it took place at Bang Pae Waterfall.

We arrived and the place was teaming with people - it was wonderful - children were being offered butterfly wings as they arrived and there was snacks available free for everyone. I believe that the new Phuket Governor was there but this was of little interest to Jemma.

Jemma wanted to release her butterflies which had been reserved specially for her - thank you. The big cage of butterflies was release and a plethora of different coloured butterflies were release into the air. After these were released then the sponsored cages were also opened.

Butterflies were everywhere and the happiness was abundant.

After the butterflies were released and encouraged to fly fish were released into the lake and small plants were planted. 

There were a number of places to buy a number of items - from car wax to ice cream - from sponsored tents.

What a fantastic idea and a wonderful environment
See you next year.