Feeding bread to the fish - a good idea?

During our trip to Koh Yao Noi we visited an island when the feeding of bread to the fish in the lagoon was not allowed and there was the possibility of being fined.

I did not know why until a few weeks later I saw the poster above on facebook  - with the text below.

We all know that throwing food into the water is bad ..But Why ?

1. Adding food to the water around reefs increases nutrient levels which will then increase the growth of harmful algae that will damage corals.

2. By feeding fish we modify their behaviour and these fish will then not graze on the harmful algae that need to be removed from the reef.

So tell your friend and boat captain not to throw their lunch scraps over board after a dive and place them in a bin....Please help us to protect the reef. Many thanks.

Think twice before you feed bread to the fish.

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