The Final Night - Phuket Vegetarian Festival

It was with some worry that I went to Phuket Town for the last night of the Phuket Vegetarian Festival because for the previous two I was in hospital!

The louder the fireworks are then the more scared the evil spirits will be so it is pretty loud - in face nothing can actually explain what it is like to understand this you really must visit.

Arriving at about 8 pm things were quite serene at Jui Tui Shrine. The major difference today is that there is a special shrine which is only open during this period.

It was beautiful.

I have some deep fried sweetcorn and chilli and it was great!

After this I chose to walk to the ClockTower Circle - the roads were still busy and the fireworks were getting louder. Here is where I met Jamie and we watched the fireworks get louder and louder.

I saw something change along the road and the Mayoress of Phuket was performing a traditional Chinese Tea pouring ceremony to mark the beginning of the festivities.

So how can I explain it all? Well I can't so here are some pictures and here is a video from an iPhone - more will come...

Then it got to a point when I was not able to breathe and I remembered collapsing last year and chose to stop...

This was the time to put the expensive camera away and take out the older version - wow I was happy with the results.

I followed the parade closer than previously - well it was a cheaper camera on a stick?

Arriving at Sapan Hin was the time to stop because I had had a 'warning' and I was happy to stop with no injuries BUT next year I am going to get a better mask!

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