Phuket Happenings - September 2014

Phuket Officials will be charged with Freedom Beach sales 
- a development which is necessary
- but the investor / developer?
16 officials to be charged 
- i wonder what will happen?

Death threats for Phuket National Park Chief over 'Land Deals'
- where's the Military?
Land Officers will deal with the corruption and threats 
- looking forward to the convictions
- 34,000 Baht fine or up to 17 years in jail

Men charged with 12 billion land grab 
- they did not know where the line for the land was????

Phi Phi developments also inspected and ordered demolished 
- are they using different maps? ;)

A Cobra in the bathroom sink!!!
- what would you do? Take a photo?
- they did!

Phuket Police and Navy 'get tough'on illegal taxi drivers 
- indicating that they were not?
Metered taxis should have arrived with prices at the beginning of September 
- did it work?

Phuket Mafia King surrenders in Bangkok

- does he need extradition from there?
- or dies he live there?

Officials under fire for allegedly issuing illegal Phuket land certificates
“The Land Department reported that eight of the accused have legally issued documents. The eight include Phuket Peninsular Spa and Resort; Central and City Development; Landstate; Pavilions Beach Resort; Layan; La Colline villa development; Baan Farang resort; and landowner Suchada Sangsuwan,” said Mr Nipon. "However, according to our investigation, the land titles associated with these businesses and individuals were illegally issued" - See more at:
- 'allegedly'
- 'under fire'

Phuket TOT worker in hospital  

- i thought that last week and I could touch the overhead wires as I walked past!

Moored yachts ordered to leave Ao Yon 
- because 
“As Phuket is a tourism destination, this order is being issued for national security and to ensure safety in marine transportation,” the written order states. - See more at: 

Then the Aussie Yachties dodge paying a fine
- just by asking a simple question

Phuket Aqua Co. Ltd are waiting for a licence for the dolphinarium 
- looks more like a big swimming pool
- if education was the key to it - Phuket Aquarium should be involved?
The representative confirmed that four bottlenose dolphins, not six as originally reported, as well as sea lions and seals were destined for the facility.
However, the representative said that she had no idea about the origins of the dolphins, other than they were to be brought to Thailand via a Russian company. 

but it has been linked to the Tajii Massacre
- NO to this Dolphinarium

“As Phuket is a tourism destination, this order is being issued for national security and to ensure safety in marine transportation,” the written order states.
- because?

- another reason not to rent a Jet Ski

Phuket Taxi Mafia is our target! 
- hope they are a good shot...

A Phuket Expat fights death penalty in Vietnam for drug trafficking...
(or anywhere else)
- BUT who is Mr Nick?

Phuket Beach Vendors ask Governor for help 
- what will they do?
- well what can they do?
- Can they legalise the business OR is that where it went wrong at the beginninG

- i thought that it had gone bit it affects everyone differently
- insurance for the tourist for example

- April Fool
- whoops it is not April
- but the paperwork?
- everyday is April the 1st here!

- okay...
- he has tried this previously

- this development should not continue in its current fashion

- not fired then?
- did they bring back the cars?

- no video on facebook yet...
- and a comment about taking her shoes off?
- all a little insensitive (me included)

- do they listen to complaints?

- how much!!!!!!??????

Tourist drowns whilst swimming in Phi Phi trip 
- full results not known.

Patong illegal tuk tuk drivers arrested, moved and told to park elsewhere 
- where?
- what happens next?
- watch this carefully?
- which Tuk Tuk was illegal?
- Oh - Illegally parked

Beach staff kicking sand in the face of a tourist on the sand - in Pattaya
- does this happen in Phuket?
Video goes viral - reaches UK newspaper
- but it was not a Thai - 

"Phuket Police guarantee of no arrests - was wrong" - a Patong Councillor
- so 
"The police process is very tough.''
''Our residents mostly work as tuk-tuk drivers,'' he said. ''You know how the big tree can survive? Because of the weeds.''
''How are the tuk-tuk drivers supposed to adapt?'' the councillor said. ''Our children have all become tuk-tuk drivers. They don't know how to do anything else. They do not have additional skills. They will have difficulty adjusting to change.''

- and a comment
"You are supposedly one of the Patong leaders and you didn't think an education for your sons was important ? Shame on you."

Another accident BUT did this get recorded? 

View Accident black spots in a larger map