Phuket Cycling Fest 2014

Phuket Cycling Fest started for many on Saturday the 6th of September. Queen Sirikit Park was the focus for all the riders to meet before their individual cycle trips began.

The park had a number of different stalls selling all manner of bicycle accessories - flashing lights, luminous shirts, gears and so much more I went to look at the maps!

We chose the 10 km beginners ride because we had missed the 70km at 5am  I set up the bicycle tracker App and too much - it did not synch. So I really should have done that before - that was out of the window!!!!! NOTE - do not do that again!

During my fumbling Jemma informed me that she would like to be at the front with everybody else and urged me to push forward! 

We were off at 7am and it was a lovely day - the Traffic Police delayed all of the traffic at the intersections so we could all pass together - what a breeze.

We had a short ride and we stopped and had an adventure hunt - it was at this time that I realised that we were at the back!

Returning to the bicycle Jemma told me that we could win if I tried to cycle faster - it was at this point that I realised how unfit I was!

We cycled around Phuket Town as the photographs indicate and it was a lovely atmosphere - not only was there a little girl on the bike waving but they were at the back and didn't seem to care - Jemma soon gave up.

We reached Sapan Hin where we beeped and realised that we were now being tracked by the family in the car!

It was at this point the Sprite came out and the Cafe Latte yen!!

We kept going and found the ride quite pleasant but the roads in front were devoid of any riders - did we take the wrong turn? The assistants standing at the traffic lights assured me that I was not lost and pointed us on, as we came closer to Phuket Town I saw other riders. (Only realising later that these were from the ride that had started an hour ago and was 20km longer!)

I never knew that there were so many bicycle lanes either.

As we approached Queen Sirikit Park I realised that a great number of people had joined the bicycle races! Quite cool shirts as well - next time!

I took Jemma to get her medal for participating in the Bicycle ride and we cycled off to find me a coffee shop!

i46 was our port of call that we had visited previously - a special little family coffee shop - baking banana bread as we entered - delicious! We had had our nibbles and our drinks - thank you for the cake - and then I returned to work. Some #phuketcyclingfest2014 on Instagram.

Next year Jemma will have to ride on her own bicycle!!!