Who is TiminPhuket?

So who am I? - an odd thing to write but I have been told by another Phuket blogger that for the reader to know that you are not getting paid to write then the written word is better! I live and work in Phuket and I write blogs an more on the on the Internet for fun. I have lived here for the since 2000 and I have a wonderful time - I live in the South of Phuket and have a lovely family, I am extremely lucky.

I used to live in London and I had visited Thailand a number of times, I can still remember Pattaya being beautiful - yes that long ago! So when I was given the opportunity to live here it did not take me long to agree - under 5 minutes (especially since I was in the arduous process of trying to work here voluntarily).

I actually came here to teach English but this did not last very long and I now work in the Front Lobby of Cape Panwa Hotel (also in the South of Phuket) - I am here in the lobby to share my experiences with the guests and give them some advice as to where they should go and things that they could try.

I got married to my lovely wife in 2006 and we have been blessed with a beautiful daughter who is also lovely.

I like to try new things and this is half of the fun of living here - new restaurants is a favourite of mine and they are even more fun when there is nothing in English and I am a confessed addict for coffee.

Yes my Thai is terrible - I can manage to say to the Thai people that I live here and that my wife is Thai but not a lot more than that!

I started doing blogging because I kept finding than the information which was being sourced by the guests was not always what it actually was and it was built from there.

This is what led me to writing the blog TiminPhuket - but I soon found myself wanting to share too much in one place - blogs were started but they were soon finished because I could not keep up.

There is so much to do in Phuket and I enjoy sharing this with the tourists that I meet - Phuket Old Town is a personal favourite of mine - I like to wander about to see what is new.

I scaled it back (thanks Jamie) and was left with thingstodo and with restaurants. With the emergence of the smartphone I subsequently started playing with Apps and wrote a guide to Phuket Old Town.

Enjoy reading what I have done but please remember I am a person who writes this to share experiences and ideas of the thinks you can do in Phuket - it is really a hobby.