Amazing Thai Taste Festival

After visiting the Hotel Fair it was time to visit the Amazing Thai Taste Festival for us again - it showcases the best food from around Thailand - 'Eat Thai Food, Feeling Good'. It was organised into eight zones.

1: Good Reputation - exhibitions regarding types of rice in Thailand and cooking tips
 2: Good Local - signature dishes from the five regions of Thailand

Sai Ua - northern Thai sausage
Khanom La - southern Thai silky crepe
Tam Suea - spicy mixed salad (Isan style)
Seafood from the east
Authentic Thai desserts - from the central region
  3: Good Organic - for health-conscious people
  4: Good Fruit - look out for the sticky rice and durian/mango
  5: Good Taste - with Michelin recommended stalls
  6: Good Idea - chic restaurants, handmade handicrafts and workshops
  7: Good Power - over 30 shops working together under the Pracharat network
  8: Good Enjoy - demonstrations and cooking workshops plus musical performances by famous Thai performers.

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