Phuket News ++: September 2010

How did this happen - the car "slid up'?
I tried to keep up with the news whilst I took a holiday to Australia - which was wonderful.  So what did I read when I returned?

More Dengue fever cases in Phuket!!! - ouch, I have to admit that I have had it once - not again please.

A Norwegian falls for the scam of an ATM - 20,000 Baht!!!! The tourist was told that the card had been taken and so the tourist went into the bank - and the money left. Guess I won't criticize the bank for putting a limit on my withdrawls.

Tsuami buoy not working - again.

Will the bars in Patong and other bars in an 'Entertainment Zone' be allowed longer hours? Sorry for the bar next door which would have to close..

A two-headed turtle dies - in the Similan Islands - but it is an excuse to have a look for a photo.

Read about Phuket being compared to London - the violence is on the rise in Phuket.
50 dead foreigners already this year - a shotgun shoot out - foreigners - watch this space carefully.

Then an Australian dies in a hotel swimming pool.... there should be a lifeguard on duty?

A thief returns religious icon because they brought him bad luck -  and is arrested

A wonderful man running a wonderful restaurant - La Gaetana - Gianni Ferrara is written about in the Phuket Gazette.

You go to a funeral and the 'corpse' is not the person that it should be - a good story line and I think that i have read the book - BUT it is true!!!

A sea gypsy cultural center - budget approved.

Did you know that the Phuket Ciity Incinerator is contracted to burn 300 tons of trash a day - i reckon that those people collecting the rubbish on their bikes would have trouble if it did.

After helping replant some mangroves I read that 3 Rai of mangroves had been cut down before someone noticed? 

Planting mature sugar palm trees at Cape Phromthep to preserve it.

More about the tunnel - a Korean project? - isn't there something better to build in Phuket?

Phuket to Chang Mai buses - coming soon....

Blue Elephant Restaurant - wonderful Royal Thai food with elephant sized prices - will I get a free invite?

The front page made me breathe a sigh of relief 
Patong Police - "Corruption is impossible"

"We only take a tourist's passport in cases where there is jail time is a potential punishment" - if you refuse to pay your bills for no helmet - is it a potential for jail time?

The Evason in Rawai has a Middle Eastern menu - a special Halal menu - we get asked for a restaurant specializing in Halal food every so often. Any ideas?

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