Thai superstitions and what I found out.....

What began has a harmless chat to promote discussion / reading / writing and listening became something else when I tackled the idea of a 
'Superstitions' in Phuket'.

So what did I learn from my class?

1) DO NOT walk through a door if a gecko falls down in front of you 
2) If a picture falls over and the glass breaks - you will die soon
3) If you run backwards seven times around your house and them look backwards between your legs you will see a ghost
4) DO NOT walk to a funeral with the picture of the dead one facing you 
5) DO NOT walk into an exam right foot first
6) If you see a black cat jump over a coffin of a corpse - you will die soon
7) If an owl sits on the roof of your house - you will die soon
8) DO NOT cut your nails in the dark
9) DO NOT cut your hair on Wednesday
10) DO NOT brush the floor in the night time
11) DO NOT use a broken comb
12) DO NOT sing whilst you are cooking because you will get an old husband.

Then I found this amazing site where there are literally hundreds of them - I do not think that I will have a discussion with my wife regarding which ones are right - thank you to Richard Barrow for doing all my work.

Now I know why I have bad handwriting 
it will give you bad handwriting

NEVER serve noodles at a funeral is one I just found.....

Then you have to be wearing the right colour......

Bite your shoes before you wear them for the first time to 
prevent them from biting your feet.


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