The Frog Prince is obviously a worldwide Fairy Tale

There is a story that I hear a number of time about a man who went to bed with a beautiful woman but woke a few hours to find that it was not a beautiful woman he went to bed with…

This may be seen as a common event in Thailand especially when the tourist had a few too many and was bowled over by the charms of a beautiful woman.

But my hat was taken off to Zimbabwe when I read this story in a digital edition of the Phuket Gazette.

A  gentleman was found in the early hours performing lovemaking acts with a donkey in his back yard.

His reply to the policemen involved was that the ‘lady of the night’ that he was with was not like this when he took her home with him.  I expected the next line to be “You have to kiss a lot of ass before you find your Princess” but I didn’t.

This man is quite clearly not a real Prince – in any part of the world.

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