Phuket News December 2011 (missing a lot)

Jemma - visiting the Butterfly Garden and Insect World - again

More vehicle accidents...

Fanelli - staying in Phuket?

Solar power in Phuket....

Now I understand - the 'Easy Fitness Center' near to Central - it never opened and the Belgian Manager fled to Bangkok and was prosecuted...

The tourist who is robbed returns home when the thief is captured so the police cannot prosecute - the thief is released with no charge...
- flight tickets cannot be changed
- schools will be open
- hotels will not pay for the extra nights
- money will be restrictive
- a job may be waiting for the robbed when they return

This is the fault of the Tourist?

Tourist Mr Nefdov hit in shallow waters by a speed boat.
In hospital - moved from PIH because insurance would not pay...
because city authorities to blame for not enforcing regulations....

Then Junie Browning (Mixed Martial Arts Fighter) 
'escapes' Patong Hospital 
- I wonder whether he paid his bill?

Be nice to the Farang in Patong.
(Phuket Vice Governor)
does his mean that they aren't and elsewhere does not count?

What happens to the drug dealers which are caught?

A brick of dope (The officers arrested her for possession with intent to sell a Class 5 drug and seized the brick, which measured 5x16x4 centimeters, as evidence) in a woman's shorts.

It's raining rocks.... true story
L'Orchidee Residences in Patong.

Riders in Phuket are the best in wearing helmets!
- they really must be bad elsewhere!

Land Titles - more confusion

Phuket marks International Disabled Day - a start....

Is this a joke?
First class insurance a MUST for Jet skis in Phuket.

In Karon there is dispute over a piece of road that has been built on (NOT beach) and I read that the road does not belong to the government but is a private road - if it is a private road then the owners can claim ownership?

2 million Baht stolen -  money exchanges are dangerous.

Ladies doping the clients with a concoction and robing them.
Same woman as before!

Spike Girls.....

Well-digging - a delay - why?
money or money or paperwork?

Slavery on the High Seas
Never thought about the way they catch the fish and why the fish is soo cheap here in Phuket.

A photo competition!
Can I find any photographs to add to the beautiful ones?

Another accident falling off the elephant!!!
Would you go?

If Thaksin has his passport back can he still be prosecuted for his crimes...