Some Thai men and their long fingernail

image from freshly educated men - used with permission
Some Thai men have one very long fingernail.

This was one of those days - “Why do some Thai men have one long manicured fingernail?”  

Well in some parts of rural Thailand, it is a sign of the man’s social status (no Facebook here) – a  farmer would not grow a nail like this. The long lone uncut fingernail (often on the little finger) shows social status by indicating that one does not engage in or have to engage in manual labor. 

Some of our staff from the Issan region say it is grown for luck while some of the men in the office say it can give a really good scratch!

There is often more than one answer in Thailand. 



  1. Same in Tunisia. Personally I find long nails on men a huge turn-off. So do my ceroc girlfriends. We always whinge about dancing with long-nailed guys!!

  2. But have you ever asked them to take care of your nails - they will be able to do this?


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