Phuket News - November 2012

our trip to Hornbill Island
The weather is certainly getting hotter here and some of the stories are getting stranger.

There are laws about releasing fireworks in Phuket
who takes the money?

Fireworks licence and corruption
missed all the people of the streets for the Vegetarian Festival?

Dangerous fireworks worth a good blast
I agree and if you don't like it don't go
see you in 2013

Phuket Bank robber - 2.7 million Baht in 60 seconds
A quick way to get money
and so do the scammers
In Phuket there are scammers at an ATM
take care when using ATMs anywhere in the world.
and also tourists scam other tourists at ATMs  
If in doubt don't use

Cheats in Phuket will not be tolerated - "Phuket Governor"
- looking forward to this starting...

Seems to be more boating accidents -
2 speed boats collided off Koh Kai Island in Phang Nga Bay
many injured - one dead
 Korean tourist hit by a long tailed boat propellor  

The story of the baby elephants is concluded - 
3 elephants are not with their natural mother

A sad warning
a toddler and grandfather die in the waves at Mai Khao Beach in Thalang

A man falls from 18 floor of hotel in Patong
and survives!

Land is seized on Krabi - resorts are closed
and the building was not noticed because?
a pier is stopped being built in Thalang.

More difficult is Koh Racha Yai 
deeds have not been issued to the people living there for generations
so the title is not theirs...

More simple is
DO NOT hire a Jet Ski - the Jet Ski Wars have begun

3G is still under discussion 

 then Patong Hill collapses but repairs 'on hold until March' 
Retaining wall collapses
Central underpass to start this month...

Three accidents on one day but no death 
as the roads get busy i hope that there are few accidents...

The Andaman Cultural Festival starts tomorrow
The Andaman Cultural Festival DOES NOT start tomorrow 
organised and how many people lose?

Phuket Governor speaks out about corruption
"Stop out of control corruption"
so it was controlled previously?

Work is delayed on building the underpass for Central
Good news but for 2 days?

The kickboxer - Pitbull - Lee Aldhouse will be extradited to Thailand
good - but how did they do this - a fair trial?

Phuket wildlife officers warn of Bangla Slo Loris Raids 
Why warn them?
Patong gambling raid fails to come up trumps 

November 1 is D-Day for black taxis 
"There are 2,882 illegal taxi cars in 186 taxi centers in Phuket"
so not difficult to fine and sort out...

Taxis at Phuket airport told to "Stop harassing tourists"
we need more taxis at the airport
more taxis approved