Phuket Happenings - February 2013

Should you have Travel Insurance?
Gareth would say yes...

image from the Phuket Gazette
Racha Yai Island is having problems with the disposal of rubbish...
This does not look good - where are the businesses and hotels?

As previously reported by the Gazette, the tsunami warning message (click to play) and the cancellation message (click to play) are given in Thai, English, German, Chinese and Japanese.

The lack of Russian language messages has raised serious concerns among many of Phuket’s leading tourism figures as Russia is now the second-largest source market for tourists visiting Phuket (story here).

and they are not going to 

Green plated taxi's are legalised and will be polite 

National Lottery moves to Phuket because of rumours of rigging.
and why will it be different here?

A Buddha image is moved from Kata Viewpoint 
i don't think I ever saw it?

The Swiss exchange student is found in a Police Station in Ranong
makes you think twice about your family going on an exchange...

Anti-Russian protests in Bang Tao 
The Russians do not seem to integrating though.

Russians robbed from Hotel Safes whilst on a trip with Coral Travel
guess I would not book with Coral Travel?

Lee Aldhouse pleas Not Guilty 
He was looking for his dog... when did he get a dog?

Expat death in a room with beer cans?
There are a number of expat deaths - but is it more than standard? or just reported?

This is the new scam in Phuket? Can you play Mahong?

- is this classified as 'moving forwards'?

Happy that I have all the paperwork this time...

Working in Human Resources in a hotel is dangerous
 - think I will stick with the guests - are they dangerous?

Two wheels fall off a truck and kill a motorcyclist...
this is certainly a tragedy but odd

German Tourist has telephone stolen by drug supplier
- found by App - Find iPhone - do you have it installed?

14 Hotels and Resorts in Phuket have encroached on land.

Which 14?
and closing them will hurt 'tourism and investment'....

Jellyfish warnings erected for visitors to Phuket 
more reasons for the tourist not to come - image of Phuket is not good in the media.

image from the Bangkok Post
Nothing to do with Phuket but...
Kim Jong-Un and his smartphone  
which is not really identified.....

'Dreamliner' plane - cause for concern 
no worries... bet they have good promotions....

Australian resident found dead after motorbike accident 
More accidents - too many...

View Accident black spots. in a larger map

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