Phuket Happenings - June 2014

The Baba ceremonies were always a pleasure to attend, there was a military coup, we visited the Phe Ta Kon Festival,  the World Cup was for everybody on televsion and the underpass outside Central was 'overwhelmed'.

Protesters are currently on the streets holding signs saying, 

"Closed because we cannot afford paying extortion money".
- Not more to add to this really...

Dismantling of construction on the beach and public land
- that was quick, after how long?
Then construction in Kata of a fence to indicate the line, chanote titles...
- i suppose that this should have been expected?

Houses built for Tsunami affected are now commercial buildings
- i wonder how that happened?

image from the Phuket Gazette
Red flags mean the sea is dangerous - do not swim
- is there any confusion?

Destruction of 'Taxi Huts' in Patong 
- being cynical - did they do this before?

Land grab foiled by school children 
- guess the Land Developer made a mistake

Russian, Chinese and Middle Eastern are the saviours - the sacred Oxen...
- I am now officially confused

Then the story of the vehicle renter in Patong...
- not an industry that I would get involved in here
- insurance / legal problems and more

Tha Rua Chinese Shrine -  which was possibly robbed
- this does not look good for their future

The target of a shooting in Patong has killed his pregnant partner 
- released 3 times by Thai police
- defence of schizophrenia 

The flooding of the Underpass outside Tesco and BigC and Central
- this was not suspected?

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The destruction of nature (Layan Beach) for a discotheque?
- yes I would say that this correct
- oh dear...

Seahorse coral and Black coral - for sale 
- vendor given a lesson...

Saving the forests of Phuket 
- is this man too soft? 
- too much compromise?
let's see

The red flags are put up on the beaches in Phuket
- please recognise them

Visa runners held at boarder then released 
- wrong paperwork?

Airplane MH 310 spotted aflame by sailor in Phuket waters
- no conspiracy?

A taxi shake up 
- how much do we expect when we look at history?

Phuket beaches belong to the public. We want to clear out at least one-third of the beachfront at Kamala so that it can be used by beach-goers,” he told the Gazette. 
- Good luck...

 - interesting?
- i hope it calms down for the visitor

Phuket Taxi Driver has 100 million Baht in the bank
- can i be a Taxi Driver please?
Starting an investigation into money laundering
- why not just simple extortion?

- looks a bit mean and doesn't care...
- can they deport him?

- and the public?

- learn something new everyday
- is KFC halal throughout the world?

- confused? I am...


Farang on 14 year overstay on his visa and married several women 
- how did he get away with that?

Thaksin aide jailed for rice fraud 
- this took a long time...

Russian Mafia boss arrested in Thailand 
- got to start somewhere...

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