Thai Student swears at foreign teacher

"Foul mouthed teen sparks anger"

A twitter and then the headline in the Bangkok Post caught my eye (25 July 2014).

"I'm scolding you and you still don't look at me. Animal! Monitor Lizard? Look at me!"

"You're wearing black. Are you going to your father's funeral?"

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As I read the comments below I found it interesting but not really inspiring - similar to teaching any child of this age but we now live in a world of social media and people who want to share insults like this are likely to get caught - the same as a person claiming disability benefit in the UK and then being 'tagged' on facebook dancing.

Then the comments made by some readers - 

"I am a foreign teacher and I am not afraid to comment or condemn this mindless moron. If he were my student he would be straight out the door by the scruff of his neck until he had learnt some manners..."

Then the comments got started to be.....

What was of interest was that a comment was made further down the list - 

this was an apology posted by the child on youtube. (June 2013)

The focus of the article was now lost for me...

Who do you trust?
Was it the same child?
Is it the same story?