Chinese acrobats in Phuket - Happy New Year

Welcoming the 'Year of the Goat' with a troupe of Chinese Acrobats was one way to start the New Year.

Sanam Chai park in Phuket Town was the focus for this.

The park was a mass of red lanterns - it looked great and there was a children's play area, Chinese Umbrellas to pose with, a traditional Chinese street to pose with and a multitude of stalls selling traditional Chinese dishes (and more Thai dishes).

The MC for the evening was 'Kanya 'Ying' Raiwan and the Thai po-rock band 'Getsunova' were playing. BUT the highlight for us was the troupe of Chinese Acrobats

They 'swung up' the pole

Then they let go and caught themselves with their legs!

Balancing on each other and then...

letting go and not dropping the bowls on their foot!



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