Phuket Old Town Festival 2015

Phuket Old Town Festival is always a pleasure to visit - this year there was the recognition of the Chinese New Year which makes it feel more of a Cultural Celebration.

It had started yesterday on the stage but having to work I missed the opening show but there was a show there later in the evening. It is worth waiting to see but Jemma and I were on a mission and she had got 10 out of 10 for her Thai Spellings so basically she had carte blanche today!

There was a stage set up in the park, there were Chinese Figures erected with a Chinese Shrine and later we met the Chinese show people walking on the streets. How the
 guy on the right managed to stay upright whilst cycling was great - they were also all able to walk through the corridor of lights (see below).

This year they closed three parallel roads - more than usual. I don't know which road control figures had the best effect though? I do know who had more photographs taken with though!

It was Jemma's day however and we started with the usual candy floss and the coca cola lollies and looked for the Chiang Mai sausage for me but we got sidetracked...

Any ideas that I had were swiftly set aside - we had to feed the goats - this seems to be a popular festival 'thing' at the moment...

Looking more carefully at the artefacts I did see that they were what looked like Samurai swords on offer and also old 'bolt' pistols. A fascinating selection but I have to admit to not wanting to spend too much time taking a photograph there...

I have no idea what these were but they did look good...

The roads were divided into topics;
 Street shows / Local foods / Local culture / Local Artefacts...

Jemma enjoyed the Street Painting the most.

Then the whole road seemed to be covered with children and chalk - fabulous.
I sat in an antique store and took photographs - it was extremely hot.

We walked round all the roads - missing out what looked like the 'Sponsor Road' - my apologies but I was hungry...

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