Lunchtime in Bangkok

The longer I am in Bangkok the more I enjoy taking the River Taxi - apart from when I get an enormous splash that is though... Got the River Taxi at Witthayu Bridge and travelled to Phanfa Bridge.

This time I walked in another direction and found that there was Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall - but this had only guided tours so I would have to come back to visit here.

So I continued to the Victory Monument.

I did wonder whether these kids were all playing the same game? (I didn't ask).

Then it was time for a coffee - found a fascinating coffee shop - "Head above the Clouds" - devoted to Salvador Dali...

I was now on the edge of the original wall surrounding the city.

Then I came upon Wat Bowonniwet Vihara - a spectacular Wat with an amazing history - certainly worth visiting again.

Then onto the Khao San Road - not a lot changes here.

Wat Chanasongkhram Ratchaworamahawiharn วัดชนะสงครามราชาวรมหาวิหาร was the next visit for me - a temple which was very busy with people visiting to pay respects - I was not in very long.

Then behind I saw Loha Prasat Metal Castle - โลหะปราสาท - this was definitely impressive and I believe that it is the only Metal Castle in the World?

Then I saw a sign that this was the zero kilometer marker - I did not know this existed.

Then a visit to the Queens Gallery - beautiful...

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