Being there - today

Watched Being There recently and thought how profound it was with the life span of concentration - but wait this was filmed in 1979!

On a whim I decide to see if I could find a commentary about the film - clicking (much like the TV remote control in the film) on the Internet I searched - finding Roger Ebert. Where I read this clipping

"Sensible public speech in our time is limited by 
(1) the need to stay within he confines of the 10-second TV sound bite; 
(2) the desire to avoid being pinned down to specific claims or promises; and 
(3) the abbreviated attention span of the audience, which, like Chance, likes to watch but always has a channel-changer poised."

Where are we today with Social Media and the telephone?

 A wonderful thought provoking film - how many do we make like that today?

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