Using a Buddhist statue in your home
After living in Thailand for 17 years I have got used to seeing these posters scattered in Thailand - especially near the airport.

Then I visited Australia and found this shop.

I wondered whether the statues were replicas

and then I wondered whether it mattered?

What do you think?

Export of Buddha images outside the country 
Antiques or artifacts, whether or not they have been registered, are prohibited to be exported or dispatched from Thailand, unless there is a permit from the Fine Arts Department’s director general  according to the criteria, procedures and conditions specified in the ministerial regulations no. 5 in B.E. 2539 (1996).
In case the antiques or artifacts permitted to be exported or dispatched from Thailand are religious Buddha images or icons, the person who receives the permit must clarify the purpose of the export of such antiques or artifacts. Only Buddha and religious images which are intact and are for the purpose of worships, researches, or exhibitions are permitted to be exported or dispatched from Thailand. Export or dispatch of parts of such items is not allowed. - Suvarnabhumi Airport 

Here's the law in Thailand...

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