Excess Baggage Charges a mystery

I am always asked how much is the excess baggage charges and 
I always reply that "it is best to be polite".

Then I read the Bangkok Post about a Thai gentleman who had taken well over his limit......... 

This gentleman has since resigned from Thai airways!  What actually happened we may never know - but it is reported that he had some 30 pieces of luggage totalling 398kg......

UPDATE: he is fined 200,000 Baht

I do know that on Thai Airways a fee of 300 Baht per kg is normally applied once a person exceeds the 50kg limit for first class passengers.

Then I am sent a link to this Times On-Line article - the mystery still remains - but my father always told me to dress well and be polite when I flew and I would hazard a guess that this is still true.

Then I am sent this
"Personally I think people should be charged based on the weight of themselves and their luggage. 
I know that’ll never fly, but lighter people with lighter luggage = less fuel cost." Comments

And this guide to avoid carry on baggage fees - there are more on this consumer site

The Guardian in the UK were able to produce this report for a small selection of airlines. Are there any reports for all? Comments

Then I see this a report about a market increase. This report is about the United States and how airlines charge simply for checking in luggage at the airport (and more for the second one - are you allowed 2 sets of checked on baggage per person?). NOTE. if you all check in as individuals does this mean that you only ever pay the first charge? Please comment.  I have found a wonderful website which does detail charges for American Airlines.

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