Phuket News ++: January 2010

Benjamas Blossom Festival 22-24 January - could find nothing about this.

Bomb Detector Scandal - Opinion in the Bangkok Post.  I am amazed (well no I am not). 

The Thai governmnet spent 500,000,000 baht on a piece of equipment that has never been tried and tested scientifically AND the designer - who must be smiling - will not help at all to explain how this bomb finding piece of equipment works!

Naomi Campbell comes to Phuket and does not stay at my hotel but with a plethora of boats - but she does go to Kajoksee and has a party after dinner....... Kajoksee review.

This was also printed Japan holds the World Record for the Worlds biggest orgy - 250 couples! It is available on a DVD....

Air Asia have incredible deals for flights in Thailand at the moment.

Chang Mai Flower Festival - 5 - 7 February - hoping to visit Chang Mai for this.....

Phuket 1st Raw Food Festival with Ani at Mom Tri's Villa Royale (my Honeymoon was at this property).

We did not receive a copy of this paper at the hotel AND I have only left this week to have a game of golf this week so I have not read it - there is an on-line edition but the copy that I can read whilst eating or drinking wins........


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