Phuket News: 27 Dec - Dec 8th Jan

Hiring a jet ski in Phuket?  The Governor of Phuket has agreed guidelines for the use of the machines.... watch this space.....

Looking for how to find Liquid Gold off Phuket - thought that was taxis, road accidents, jet ski prangs, selling land, road fines that was this - Why are the PTT getting involved?

A homeless couple from Sweden face deportation; they have got no money, overstayed their visit (they should have left on the 19th of January) ..... how much will they be charged for overstaying their visa?

A letter from Mr Cook in the Phuket Gazette indicating that we should all have to take the British Driving Test - but this is Thailand......... there are ways of passing the exam but not getting in a vehicle.........

Lots of discussion about taxis at Phuket Airport - there are guides to this.  But I was surprised to find that you could not share a metered taxi from the airport unless you had the same destination.

Arguments about plastic bags in Phuket..... not sure.  I do agree with the comment that the writer uses all their plastic bags as refuse bags...........

Interesting article about Teiki whio lives in Phuket and does amazing surf tricks - never been to a school - a bit late for me to live that life.

Read a letter that indicated that American Fried Rice has nothing to do with American Fried Rice - but it does according to Wikipedia.

Chai Prakan Tulip Blooming Festival - Chiang Mai - I missed all this with the chaos

Visit Chiang Mai - Bor Sang Umbrella and Sankampaeng Handicraft Festival - 15-17 Jan -

The Thai Government wants to drops the online Lottery system.  Initiated by Mr Thaksin to curb the illegal underground lottery industry but now Mr Abhisit said that he was not convinced.........  Who is going to compensate Loxley GTech.............

Now there will be a 'discussion' over the compensation - Loxley GTech are not going to sue - because of the contract details...........

RIP - A Thai boy drowns on our little beach in Phuket..

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