Chinese New Year come to Phuket

The entertainment doesn't stop here in Phuket.

After putting my feet down after Christmas and New Year my feet are suddenly wrenched up by the oncoming Chinese New Year celebrations...

The festival will take place on the streets of Old Phuket Town and Queen Sirikit Park from February 8 to 10 and will feature day and night activities.

From 7pm to 10pm daily, performers from Suining City, China, will entertain visitors on the “walking streets” of Thalang and Phang Nga roads along with local food and products, “walking performances”, exhibitions, local games and much more.

An image of the Chinese goddess Guan Yin will be temporarily enshrined in Queen Sirikit Park during the festival. Also enshrined will be items representing the goddess provided by Guangde Temple in Suining City, Sechuan Province – Guan Yin’s hometown.

Local people will be able to pay homage to the image and offer items to welcome good luck for the coming year.

Other activities to pay respect to the Chinese goddess will be in the form of a “pilgrim tour” on a local bus (songtaew). From 9am to 5pm daily during the festival, a 99-baht tour will take pilgrims to nine famous shrines in Phuket Town to pay respect to Guan Yin. Those wishing to take part in the tour can contact the Phuket TAT at 076-212213. 

I might take a ride on the bus...

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