Worship 9 Chinese Shrines in Phuket

As part of the Chinese New Year Celebrations the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) organised a special day where we were taken around Phuket to visit the Chinese Shrines.

1) Phud Jor shrine  

2) Jui Tui Shrine 
Worship here to attain sound health and longevity  

3) Sang Tham Shrine  

4) Sum Sae Su Hud Shrine  

5) Jang Ong Shrine  

6) Lim Hu Tai Su Shrine  

7) Kathu Shrine  

8) Bang Neow Shrine
Worship here to attain success in business and prosperity 

9) Kiew Tian Keng Shrine  

A wonderful experience and one that I would repeat.

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