Phuket News ++: January 2011


Local people upset with the Russian Mafia coming to Phuket - will Phuket look towards Pattaya OR do some people want the money more?

With this investment it is a shame that the Tuna steak is still so expensive in the shops.

Not sure about visiting Surin Beach - a beach seller is beaten up!

The one way system is changed in Patong and I still do not understand it and on some of the roads you drive on the 'wrong' side of the road...

Bleached Coral is a problem for a number of Dive Sites... again.

Fake Cops demand money from shop keepers in Patong - does that mean that the cops normally shakedown the shop keepers are not false?

Demand for the Phuket Mob souvenirs is choas - why has someone not made any copies of them then?

A Swede dies in a tower in Patong - alone - and there is no risky business because the police did not find anything - reading the text attached - did they look?  Then there are two more 'natural' deaths?

The police warned bars that there would be a clamp down on the opening times of bars - but some did not listen ? - and were fined.

2 people were killed by the surf in Karon - and there were red flags - in the Dry season?

Sapan Hin is for Thai people - wonderful - i hope that the proposed development does not spoil it

A Thai bride takes all the cash from a 'farang' husband and keeps her lover - this is a not new BUT the farang's friends are trying to retain the money - watch this space.

A sad story which made the headlines in the UK - Thai Bride met on the Internet is 'cancelled' - a different story.

Thai school uniforms are sexy - now i know why I was a good teacher?!?

Some discussions are closed - but no pictures

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