Wat Arun - Temple of the Dawn

Wat Arun is a Buddhist Temple that you MUST visit whilst you are in Bangkok.

Again there are so many sites that you can visit to find out the History but I find Wikipedia to be the most helpful and the Lonely Planet Guide.

We travelled over the Chao Phyra River for 3 baht in the local transport - the last time I was dressed as Santa Claus

The speeding river boat was the first highlight of the trip for Jemma - the spray was everywhere and there was not really any seats. We arrived within 5 minutes of leaving (guess that was why it was only 4 baht?).

Wat Arun is set just inside a well tended garden - there was a small charge to enter inside but it was definitely worth it.

Wat Arun is another piece of architecture that is on so many brochures but I was surprised that there were so little tourists there though. Wat Arun is named after the Indian God of Dawn. It was actually the previous resting place for the Emerald Buddha before it was brought across the Chao Phyra river by Rama I.

The 82 metre 'prang' (Khmer style tower) is based on the traditional structure but this example has been elongated to produce such an effect.

A architectural technique of using broken Chinese porcelain is all over this monument. This technique was common in the Ratanakosin period when the "Chinese used tons of old porcelain as ballast" - what this actually means needs further investigation by me...

The steep stairs were a joy (2nd highlight and a hazard) for my daughter and I to climb - and at times it did feel like we were climbing but it was well worth keeping going and reaching the top.

Times: 8:30 - 17:30

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