Central Underpass, Phuket tea station, Sam Se Je Hud, ราชรส ตมซำ and ice cream

Taking Jemma to school always means that I am able to wander around Phuket Town.

I almost walked from Tesco because I enjoy the local hogs but as it had been raining the mud was everywhere (not that the hogs cared). 

So I got off opposite Central and walked up the stairs to have a look at the Underpass.

Of course nothing could beat this journey!

I walked around the corner but was upset that the 'Best Toy Shop in Phuket' was not open yet! So I continued to wander along the road, dodging the sporadic rain until I reached Phuket Tea Station.

Here I had a fabulous Bubble Tea and some Tau sar Piah at Kanom Keng Tin. Checking in on foursquare and posting on Instagram.

After this is meant a visit to a Chinese Shrine nearby (at the bottom of Rang Hill) - Sam Se Ju Hud. I need to do some more investigation into Chinese Shrines - i keep finding new things...

View Chinese Shrines in Phuket in a larger map
After this there was a much needed visit to Kiatsin Stationery Shop - I really need to know how to darn / crochet a Thai Flower Garland - can anyone help me?

After this it was time for Brunch and we visited ราชรส ตมซำ - a relatively new Dim Sum restaurant in Phuket Town. The Dim Sum is very good and it is popular but the best is the  'made whilst you wait' - 

It was then time to pick up Jemma from school - visiting Swensen's Ice Cream on the way home.