Phuket Happenings - July 2014

August is nearly over and I can't remember what happened...

Cape Panwa Hotel was engulfed for a while with boats - Cape Panwa Hotel Raceweek

and of course their was the Phi Ta Khon Festival...

- no comment necessary

- no comment necessary

(upgrade the SorKor 1 to a Chanote)
Officials yesterday also confirmed with a handheld GPS that the plot was located 96 meters above sea level. By law, no structures in Phuket may be built 80 meters above sea level. - See more at: 

Then Phuket Land Probe indicates 
“Our job is to check that land titles were legally issued. Other problems such as encroachment is not our business,” Mr Thammasak said.
- so find inaccuracies and do nothing?
- so that's why I have the title

- August the 1st
deferred indefinitely as officials scramble to prepare staff, taxi drivers and necessary equipment
- no comment necessary
- no comment necessary

- is this the clamp...

- a lot of money ...

- i did wonder about those plastic bags...

- and if they don't?

- ouch...

- remind me not to have pets

- remind me not to leave that much on the seat

- because

The taxi fares are so expensive because you pay for the return journey to where they picked you up.
So why does a return cost more?

- watch this space...

- I wonder where they will start?
- iPads for all the children (sic)
- this deserves more comment but I need to go out...

- link up with each one and get them back?

View Larger Map - the project continues