Coffee, fresh noodles, shopping and Pizza at Napoli

This was a simple day off for me - after taking Jemma to school in the morning I went into Phuket Old Town to meet a friend whilst Chuen had her hair done.

I did wonder why someone lets these lovely roadside creations begin to fall apart...

We organised to meet early at the Coffee Shop near to where the local bus drops you off in Phuket Town - but Phuketique was not open - was 8:30 too early?

So I turned to look for another coffee shop close by and it was closed as well.

I bumped into Jo (a friend from England) and we went to the newly moved Gallery Cafe, apparently the old location was no longer viable as the rent went up - was this as a result of being voted the best Cafe in Phuket Town by Tripadvisor

It was very nice but quiet - we enjoyed our coffees...

Then it was time for a cake and more coffee - Cafe Y The.

Next it was time for Noodles - trying a new place we went to เบรคแตก (Brake Taek) for a wonderful noodle restaurant - I didn't see any Kung Fu fighters though (?)

The afternoon raced by and then it was back to school to pick up Jemma - we were early so it was a Strawberry Crepe Cake whilst we waited. Not a bad coffee shop for a school.

Driving through Phuket - motorbike accident - and the motorbikes were in the middle of the road waiting in a drawn white circle....

Flu injections taken at Phuket International Hospital - NOT Jemma's favourite!

So Pizza was chosen - Napoli restaurant - fresh baked dough... :)
(review coming)

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