Phuket Happenings - August 2014

The opening Por Tor Ceremony and parade was always worth visiting.

So White Box was threatened and given 7 days...
- what happened?
White box owner answers them
Mai Khao Beach Restaurant closures...

Son of the former Mayor of Patong starts to remove sandbags on beach 
- but then stops?
- watch this space?

The beginning of the Por Tor Festival 
- always worth visiting.

The complete removal of encroachment of the beach is necessary 
- let's see.... 
Military bulldozes property and bills after 30 days and bills owner 
- way to go!
Beach vendors demand support for loss of earnings 
- oopps - i don't think this was on top of the list!
Phi Phi and Krabi are next  
- on a roll with this one
Jet-Ski operators are under a different law - hide under the trees 
- hide? different laws?
Jet-ski operator will be life-guard and beach cleaner  
- i hope that they still employ other people to do this
Government is responsible for compensation 
- there isn't a Government - sorted!
Beach operators ask how are they going to make money? 
- a valid point....

Investors 'urged' to clarify land ownership near the National Parks.
- you have been warned...
- which means you do what? run?
Luxury Resorts are being targeted 
- meaning they paid the most for the paper to build?
-but it is also said that
"The Royal Forest Department (RFD) is untangling the land title documents that account for 90 per cent of what is supposed to be Bang Khanun protected forest"
 - See more at:
5 to face charges for claiming National Park Area with a 'Flying SorKor 1' 
- must remember that description

Freedom beach land is being argued about.... 
- there are a lot more things that could...

Hard Rock Cafe General Manager arrested for murder 
- guess i won't visit that restaurant!
- how did they get that position?

A Thai lady is scamming Thai people out of money 
- their own money

Phuket International Airport expansion delayed...  
- weather
- money 
- this is....

Homeless Britain with girlfriend found sleeping rough 
- didn't pay his rent
- BUT he must have an amount in the bank for his Visa?
- how was that?

DSI Inspectors for massage parlours were fake 
- how did they get caught?

Phuket Club Med's Rent increased from 3 million to 27 million Baht a year!
- guess that there is a lot of money in the business?
5 Rai returned to Kata  

47 National Park 'owners' explain to the army how 
- sold it to Indigo Pearl and they upgraded title - whoops, paperwork!!!
- but another man declares that he owns some of it - whoops, paperwork!!!
11 people declare that land is in park BUT they own it - whoops, paperwork!!!
29 people give up...
“If the court rules that your land was illegally acquired, we will enforce the eviction.
“However, if the court rules that certain plots were legally acquired and are legally owned, we will respect that decision.” - See more at:

Land at a Wang Kee Aon Waterfall outside Patong has been encroached upon
- i did not know that there was a waterfall here
- the water is now diminished
- someone owns the land at the entrance?

14 million Baht lost in ATM skimming 
- glad i do not have a cashpoint card!

Phuket Town to have more overhead cable removed 
- fabulous idea

Army promises protection to the Bus Drivers from the Mafia 
- so there is a Mafia in Phuket?
- the bus drivers need this - there is clearly a lot of money...
Police told by army that failure to protect legal taxi will have consequences 
- what's a legal taxi?

Then there are roving metered taxis on the first of September 
- were there, did it work?

69 taxi Mafia arrested 
- and...

The Thai Parasailor falls into the ocean
- how did the other person feel?
But we are told 
practice safe parasailing 
- the staff do not wear a harness - confused?

Building a roundabout in Chalong - 800 million Baht 
- is this really going to be bitten?

Building in Patong stopped because of height!
- buildings cannot be more than, but tall builds have been built...

Does Phuket need an Aquarium? 
- NO

Taxi with meters and with guidelines...
- when?
By September...
- watch this space

photo from Phuket Gazette
Baby Elephant chained in OTOP car Park - owner says it was well treated 
- watch this space...

Loan sharks plague Patong vendors "Once too often"
- is there a code? 

Jet-Ski, Parasailors and vendors appear to be ordered from Patong Beach 
- appear?

More claims that Immigration Officials ask for cash for 'fast lane'.
- let others pay and watch your line go down (quote)

surrogate baby has Down's Syndrome (and a congenital heart defect) and is left by Australian couple.

- the couple were told the baby only had a day to live
- the couple spent 2 months in Thailand and left because of the coup
- the mother changed hospitals which was out of contract
"Ms Pattharamon had gone to another smaller hospital, which made the surrogacy agreement void, according to the couple"
- then the Australian is a conducted child molester
- convicted pedophile...

- abortion was requested but Buddhist mother refused
- Names not witheld 
- who got the money and who was in the middle?
I don't hear them?
The father wants the little boy Downs Syndrome now - Aussie TV
- the story twists...
- i am sorry but child abuse is not curable... NO
The baby was not created with the egg from the wife
- the story turns...
The Australian Parents - wanted a REFUND?
- there is more...
22 convictions for child sex abuse!!!!!
- and...
60 minutes television interview 
- ouch 
- confusion

New pictures on cigarette packets 
- can they be on display again?

British dies in Thailand 
- more discussion about work permits, drugs and alcohol 
-HE WAS a son to someone... 

Man decorates home with losing Lottery tickets!
- a lot of money!
- an unlucky man?

- bought from the wrong vendor?

All Foreigners must carry a Valid ID at all times
- what's a valid ID - paid for?
- fingerprints?

Sevenoaks schoolgirls still missing...
- and...

This map shows accidents - but i did not update it....

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and for September