Sam Se Ju Hud, Wat Khao Rang, Rang Hill, เบรคแตก (Brake Taek) and วัดเทพนิมิตร Thepnimitr Temple

Sam Se Ju Hud Chinese Shrine was my first stop of the morning. They are currently expanding this Shrine and there is a beautiful Statuette to be admired.

After this came the slow but steady walk up Rang Hill

The burial area at the bottom left has now been closed off to all visitors? 

As I slowly walked up various cars and motorbikes passed me beeping and waving, even some Buddhist Monks - I decided to walk steadily to stop thinking about the business of work and let the stress leave me.

On reaching halfway up I reached a new road - a road that took you directly to Wat Thepkajonjit and a beautiful golden Buddha statue on the side of the Rang Hill.

I entered the temple to pay respects. 

I then walked upstairs to the Gold Buddha - finding a small offering / temple underneath - wonderful.

I then walked across to the Wat - a wonderful approach of very steep traditional steps guarded by Yuks.

As I reached the top the top room was open and recently decorated - more pictures to come here.

As I continued I found that there was a roadside Shrine of broken statuettes under a tree, I chose to have a look - clambering over the rails and looking closely (more photographs to come).

As I continued up I was waved at by the monks which were travelling in the back of an open truck!

The previous mystery of the passing monks was made clear as I continued to walk up the hill - monks were clearing an area near a Chinese Burial Area on the hill.

Orange robes were also wrapped around a number of trees - I imagine that this is to 'bless' the trees and stop any further building? An investigation will be made.

On reaching the top I visited the 'not yet finished' outlook spot. 

Then retiring to the Tunka-Cafe BUT it was closed :)

Walking down was a lot easier - so i posted my Instagram picture of the day...

Arriving at the bottom I found a little air-conditioned coffee shop - Sweet 'n Treats - fabulous iced coffee - OR did I need it that badly?

I then met Chuen for Lunch and we had some wonderful noodles at เบรคแตก (Brake Taek).

Time was taken, we picked up Jemma and visited a Local Market on the way home - opposite Wat Thepnimitr - fabulous! More pictures will be on timinphuket - things to do.

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